Tax Solutions for Dutch board members and expatriates abroad

Dutch board members and expats working abroad have to deal with many regulations and obligations that are quite different from the Dutch situation. Our experts ensure that the transition from the Netherlands to the new work environment goes smoothly. So that you are not in for any surprises upon your return.

Laws and duties abroad

Employees working in the Netherlands have employment contracts according to the rules of the country of origin. In addition, there are all kinds of laws and obligations of the country of employment that you must comply with. For example, the social insurance obligation can differ considerably, the rules for tax return are often complex and there is a chance that pension accrual will be interrupted. In a one-stop-shop service we arrange all matters that are involved in your establishment abroad. Board members and expats can be sure that they are not over- or under-insured and that they are not paying more tax than necessary. 

Who is it for?

When a Dutch company sets up business abroad, all kinds of matters must be arranged for employees, board members, directors or self-employed persons who travel with the company. In short Dutch expats abroad. Blue Clue advises on tax residency when residing in multiple countries and how to avoid or reduce taxation on salary, pension, investments, trusts and emigration taxes. We support our clients in matters such as emigration to a foreign country, return to the Netherlands, 30% ruling, Nedeco ruling, share plans, options, severance payments, stamrecht BV's, trusts and cars with foreign license plates.

Our expat services

What we advise we also implement. As a result, our services are often a combination of advice and implementation. These include:


Why Blue Clue Tax Solutions 

Since 2011 Blue Clue Tax Solutions combines international experience with high-quality knowledge. We support Dutch employees abroad in a driven, personal way. What we advise we also implement so our clients can count on a realistic, responsible tax return and tax advice. With Blue Clue Tax Solutions you know for sure that you are taking advantage of all tax opportunities for Dutch employees abroad. Read more...

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