Moving to the Netherlands? You could be eligible for €7,750

According to the Dutch national statistics agency, the number of British nationals moving to the Netherlands has been steadily rising since the Brexit referendum. It now stands at over 7,000 a year.

A robust economy with plentiful job opportunities and the lack of a language barrier are two of the main reasons why so many Brits are choosing to live and work here. Apparently, you even feel right at home with our unpredictable weather! If you’re thinking of making a new life in the Netherlands there’s an often overlooked benefit that can help ease your relocation worries – and costs.

Am I eligible for Dutch relocation expenses?

Most expats (and indeed Dutch citizens) who relocate to (or within) the Netherlands for work are eligible for a tax-free allowance of €7,750. This is in addition to your transport costs and is paid at both the beginning and end of your employment contract. Although the Netherlands has a long-standing tradition of paying this generous allowance, it’s not widely known about outside the country.

Here are the main conditions you need to bear in mind.

The €7,750 is a contribution to the costs of finding, decorating and refurbishing your new home. You do not have to provide any invoices or other evidence of how you spend this money.

When and how is the allowance paid?

The €7,750 relocation allowance is allocated at the beginning and end of your employment contract. Note: some companies and EOR providers pay the allowance in monthly instalments, so you may not get the money when you most need it. However, as an Employer of Record (EOR), Blue Clue pays the full €7,750 (tax-free) with your first monthly salary invoice and with your final invoice.

Living and working in a new country is an educational experience like no other. Every day brings new discoveries: food, culture, people and places. But, the Dutch also recognise that relocating can be hard work and expensive – our relocation allowance is designed to alleviate that burden.

Blue Clue is always happy to advise employers, recruitment agencies and individuals looking to relocate to the Netherlands. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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