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Doing international business from the Gateway to Europe

The Netherlands is known as the gateway to Europe. It is an ideal country of establishment for non-EU companies that want to grow further in Europe. From a Dutch location you can take advantage of various tax benefits, excellent workforce and a convenient location in relation to the larger European countries. Blue Clue NL Hub Solutions helps you with this. We have extensive knowledge and experience in setting up corporate structures for international business in Europe, from the Netherlands.

International business and investment

Our international advice is generally about facilitating efficient international business and investment in the following four categories:

  • The Netherlands as a transit country: setting up holding, financing and/or royalty structures
  • Netherlands as Gateway to EMEA: advising foreign companies on and helping them set up or take over a company in the Netherlands and EMEA
  • Expansion, mergers & takeovers: advising companies on and helping them to set up business in other countries/the Netherlands, take over a company or merge
  • HNWI: helping high net worth individuals to structure their investments and/or protect their assets (asset protection)


Tax benefits

Many international companies have a holding company in the Netherlands. The main reason for this is that the Netherlands is suitable for holding, financing and royalty flows, and its extensive network of tax treaties. Combined with the fact that the Netherlands does not levy a withholding tax on royalties and interest, these tax treaties reduce foreign withholding taxes on royalties and interest. In some circumstances, even to zero. The Dutch tax treaties also reduce the dividend withholding tax. Finally, there is the favorable Dutch tax exemption of dividends and sales profits from participations, known as the participation exemption.

Our specialties

  • Tax structuring: tax advice on structuring businesses, flows of goods, services and/or money
  • Mergers & acquisitions: tax advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • International clients: advising clients who work, do business and/or invest internationally or who are going to do so
  • NGOs: advising governments, semi-governments, not for profit organizations, ANBIs, SBBIs and other institutions


Why Blue Clue NL Hub Solutions

Since 2011 Blue Clue Tax Solutions combines international experience with high quality knowledge. We support companies with establishing themselves in The Netherlands and expanding to other parts of Europe. What we advise we also implement so our clients can count on a realistic and responsible approach. With Blue Clue NL Hub Solutions you can be sure that you are taking full advantage of the pleasant Dutch business climate and growth opportunities in Europe. Read more...

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