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Blue Clue Solutions supports international companies and expats who want to settle in The Netherlands. We take care of the entire process from the first foot on Dutch soil to the implementation of regulations and tax returns. With our Staffing Solutions we help you to recruit new employees. If you want to expand in Europe, you can count on our Hub Solutions. An ideal service to open and manage branches throughout Europe from the Netherlands. With Blue Clue the paperwork of living, working and doing business is in expert hands. Our experts ensure that you can fully focus on your new adventure. Read more about it...

Tax Solutions

Blue Clue is a specialist in supporting foreign, medium size companies doing business in The Netherlands. We also support expats who live and work in The Netherlands. For them we are the guide in Dutch regulations and implement what we advise. In this way we take responsibility for our advice and you do not have to worry about the paperwork involved in living, working and doing business in the Netherlands.

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Staffing Solutions

The Netherlands has a particularly pleasant business climate for foreign companies. More and more international companies are located in the Netherlands and our culture is becoming increasingly international. This makes it increasingly attractive for foreign employees to live and work in the Netherlands. We help with that. Blue Clue Staffing supports your organization with finding, posting and guiding both foreign and Dutch employees.

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NL Hub Solutions

The Netherlands is known as the gateway to Europe. It is an ideal country of establishment for non-EU companies that want to grow further in Europe. From a Dutch location you can take advantage of various tax benefits, excellent workforce and a convenient location in relation to the larger European countries. Blue Clue NL Hub Solutions helps you with this. We have extensive knowledge and experience in setting up corporate structures for international business in Europe, from the Netherlands.

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