Secondment, recruitment & selection

When you establish your company in the Netherlands and want to take employees with you, you will have to deal with fairly complex regulations. Our experts can take over those concerns from you with permanent employees within your organization. You can also opt for our secondment service. This means we take over all employer tasks and you do not have to worry about HR issues. Our recruitment & selection experts also ensure that you have the right employees in the right places. Both from abroad and from the Dutch talent pool.


We can second employees of foreign companies. They will then be on our payroll and are fully covered by Dutch labor law and social insurance. We also do this for Dutch companies with foreign employees. With our secondment we become the formal legal employer of the employee and take care of the administrative obligations and legal risks of being an employer. You therefore run no fiscal or employer's risk.

Local potential

We can also second Dutch workers for you. Dutch employees are very popular with foreign companies. Their level of knowledge is high, motivation is high and their language skills are excellent. Because of the many foreign companies in The Netherlands the competition is therefore big. Blue Clue Staffing Solutions ensures that you can make optimal use of Dutch potential. 

Recruitment & Selection

Foreign or Dutch workers, the labor market is tight at the moment. In order to get the right candidate in the right place we will search for you. Our recruitment & selection experts set up profiles for your positions. They know better than anyone how to deal with cultural differences and the Dutch regulations for foreign employees. With their expertise, you can be sure of a good influx of talent. Both in permanent employment and in secondment. 

Why Blue Clue Staffing Solutions 

Since 2011 Blue Clue Staffing Solutions combines international experience with high quality knowledge. We support companies in The Netherlands with secondment, recruitment & selection of both foreign and local talent. With Blue Clue Staffing Solutions you know for sure that you fully comply with Dutch labour law and bind the right candidates to your organization. Read more…

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